Week 125 of the ZapFic MicroFiction Challenge!


This week’s prompt is…


Can you write a 240 character story? Join the ZapFic.Club on Hive!*

*Hive is blogging on a blockchain (Hive is a cryptocurrency). If you don’t have a Hive account I can get you one for free.

Winners of the Second #ZapFicWeekend Challenge! #ZapFic99

The Second #ZapFicWeekend challenge was to write a 99 word story (ZapFic99). You can see the prompt (and the links to all the entries in the comments) by visiting this ZapFic.Club Hive post


There were three winners :

@akumagai, @kaerpediem, @deeanndmathew




ZapFicNews: Join the ZapFic.Club on discord, plus ZapFic50 and ZapFic99

Join the ZapFic.Club on discord. Exclusive contests and challenges coming soon to members of the ZapFic.Club

ZapFic Definitions:

Zapfic is a microfiction story told in 240 characters or less.

ZapFic50 is a microfiction story told in precisely 50 WORDS (not characters)

ZapFic99 is a microfiction story told in precisely 99 WORDS (not characters)